Joining you in life’s most memorable events.

As an Ordained Minister, I have been fortunate enough to participate in many of my clients’ most memorable life-moments. These experiences have taught me how to act empathetically in order to make sure that each one receives the attention it deserves. From the happiest occasions to the saddest of circumstances, I am here to serve as your spiritual guide — and be there on every step of the way.



Wedding Day

May your life together be full of love and your love be full of life.

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! 

A wedding is a sacred loving union that should express who you are as an individual couple. I am honored to create a ceremony that will live in your hearts forever. I can provide you with reading selections, vows, music, and more. Together we will create and personalize a ceremony that's just right for the two of you! You will receive certificates & a copy of the ceremony to keep. All legal documents will be filed within 24 hours.  Communication to discuss details can be done over the phone or in-person.

Quick signing-I will be happy to come, have you take your vows and sign your marriage license without a ceremony.

Short & Sweet Ceremony- 5 minute Ceremony, basic vows,  up to 20 guests.

Standard Ceremony- 10 minute ceremony, personalized script, No guest limit.

Full Ceremony- 20+ minute ceremony, personalized script, additional ceremony of your choice: Sand, rose, unity candle, etc.

Vow renewals too!

I can officiate in any setting you like and will work in your budget. 


Baby in Baptism Clothes

A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and love.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!
When your baby is a few weeks old, consider celebrating the joyous occasion of your child’s birth with a baby blessing.
What could be more heartwarming than a celebration of new life!
A baby blessing, (welcoming, or sometimes called a naming) is a ceremony that celebrates and welcomes your child into the family and community. These beautiful ceremonies are an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening. Your baby blessing ceremony can reflect your wishes as a parent. That way the baby blessing will be meaningful to you and your family and friends. You may choose traditional religious readings or non-religious readings from poetry or literature. I will prepare the custom baby blessing ceremony for you.


Flowers Candles Funeral

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday.

I would like to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss. Having lost my some of my own close family members, I offer sensitive and professional skills in planning a meaningful funeral, memorial or celebration-of-life service. My compassion and listening heart will comfort and guide you through the necessary steps in this challenging time for you and your family.   It would be a privilege for me to not only officiate a traditional or custom service for you and your loved one but to help with any details that will make things easier on you. Coping with the loss of life can be difficult, whether this loss is expected or unexpected.

A loss is expressed in many different ways by each person. Many people, whether they attend a religious house of worship or not, are looking for a meaningful and comforting alternative way to say ‘good-bye’ that suits their lifestyle. It can be held at someone’s home, in a garden, on the beach, or in a park.  

An interview with the grieving family is arranged in comfortable surroundings, selected by the family. This is often carried out at the family home, or the funeral home, but any other location that the family chooses is fine.

Grief counseling is available.